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Welcome to Katie Holmes Daily livejournal. This is the livejournal of the site Katie Holmes Daily and we're here to bring to you all the latest news, pics, video and whatever you need to know about thia amazing ant talented actress. Katie become famous as Joy Potter in WB hit show Dawson's Creek then took part to movies like Batman Begins, Go, Thank you for Smoking, Mad Money and Broadway shows like All my Sons. She still has lots of projects going on so, join us and follow her career with other fans!

● RESPECT. Respect katie, her family, her friends, other members of this community, moderators and administrators. Everyone has their opinion and everyone has to feel free to write it. So please don't be rude. Each and every entry or comments that will be considered inappropriate will be removed by the staff.
● No bashing, cursing or attacking Jensen Ackles, his family or members or any of the staff. See above!
● All your entries have to be Katie related
● When posting news. Give a brief summary first, all additional writing must go under the cut.
● When posting use always one of our tag. Here you'll find our TAG LIST
● Give credit and always claim your sources.
Don't spam! If you want to promote your community it has to be Katie related and ask first!
● When you post a news, be sure it's really new and nothing from past years.
● No GOSSIP! No goppis or speculations about Cruise family are allowed here.
● Don't write Like THesE. You're writing on a livejournal, you have all the space you need and all the time in the world to write stuff like normal people.
● Graphics stuff are very welcome here but, when you post stuff like that, post a little tease and put the rest under the cut.
● Have fun!
● Pimp us! We're a newborn community so we need new fans! Talk to your friends about us!
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